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          • Tubing Tong XQ89/3C
          Name:Tubing Tong XQ89/3C
          Name:Tubing Power Tong
          Size:2 3/8, 2 7/8, 3 1/2
          Torque:2950 ftlbs
          Material:Alloy Steel
          Color:Blue and yellow

          Product Description

          1. Summary

          Model XQ89/3YC Hydraulic Tubing Power Tong is a special device for Well Service, which is used to make up and break out tubing thread. It is a improved new product based on Model XQ89/3B hydraulic Tubing power tong. Driving by hydraulic motor with low speed and large torque, model“H”manual control valve simply matching with oil motor. It’s a lighter hydraulic power tong for well service .
          This product has the following features.
          * The tong head uses inner curved roller climbing and cliping mechanism and needn’t to change any part during making up or
            breaking out the tubing thread which diameter is “27/8″”or“31/2″”.
          * Two shifts provides high speed at the high gear and large torque at the low gear.
          * The brake mechanism is on the upper and so it is easy to adjust and repair.
          * The new type hydraulic Backup tong and master tong form a combined tong . Operating the manual control valve of master tong,
            the combined tong clipping and unloosing simultaneously.
          * The adequate torque will be gained during making up and breaking out the various steel tube by adjusting pressure of oil .
          * This product has owned several patents of China.

          2. Parmeters

          2.1 Master tong

          1) Application Range 23/8″, 27/8″, 31/2″tubing

          2) High Gear Rated Torque(@10MPa) 1.1kN.m (810ft.lbs) 

          3) Low Gear Rated Torque(@10MPa) 3.0kN.m (2210ft.lbs) 

          4) Low Gear Rated Torque(@12.5MPa) 4.0kN.m (2950ft.lbs) 

          5) High Gear Rated Rotation Speed(@80 L/min) 100r/min

          6) Low Gear Rated Rotation Speed(@80 L/min) 30 r/min

          7) Opening of tong head 95mm (3.7″ )

          8) Weight 105kg (231lbs)

          9) Rated System Pressure 10MPa (1450PSI) 

          10) Max System Pressure 12.5MPa (1810PSI) 

          11) Rated oil supply 80L/min (21GPM)

          2.2 Backup tong

          1) Application Range 23/8″、27/8″、31/2″body of upset and thick oil tube coupling

          2) Opening 116mm (4.5″)

          3) Weight 53kg (117lbs)

          2.3 Overall dimesion of Combined tong 650×430×550mm ( 25.6″×16.9″×21.6″)

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